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Is it spring yet? We’re tired of snow and ice, so here are some “staff” picks of some of the best kids’ books for Easter.

The books Jack is plugging are:
The Littlest Bunny in Tennessee by Lily Jacobs
Cutie Pie Looks for the Easter Bunny: A Tiny Tab Book by Jannie Ho
and Little Chick by Klaartje Van Der Put

Harper Lee’s first book in over 50 years will be released July 14th. We hope to have a midnight release party and will post more information on that when it is available. In the meantime, we’re happy to take your pre-order!

Pre-orders for Go Set a Watchman are 15% off! Just click the “add to cart” button to start your order.


Go Set a Watchman
by Harper Lee


*If you prefer to have your copy mailed to you, feel free to pre-order your copy through our online store.*

We halted used book trading for the holiday season and will restart on January 15th with a brand new trade policy. The new policy can be found here. All used book trades after January 15th will be subject to the new guidelines. We’ve never had an official, written policy before and we think this will make the process easier for us and for you. The big changes from the way we had been conducting trades before are that we will be much more selective about what we accept, but more credit will be given for what we do take. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! (615) 326-0401

CatalogCover Our holiday catalog for 2014 is now available online!

If you haven’t gotten a print copy yet, make sure to take a peek. It’s full of great gifts (or great reads for the new year)!

In her debut novel The Settling Place, local author Ann Rauscher Smith Hagler tells the story of her great-grandfather E. W. Rauscher.

As the novel begins, it is a fall morning and E.W. and his wife Minnie are at odds. From there, the story progresses through E.W.’s day, as he becomes increasingly reflective about what has caused this rift between he and Minnie, and also between he and their daughter. E.W.’s thoughts lead us through his life, as he recalls his parents, his siblings, and the life he has built as a merchant in his small hometown. The threads of each of these people and places are woven together to create his life.

The characters of The Settling Place come to life before the reader through war and upheaval, new births and marriages, heartbreaks and separations. Hagler deftly leads the action from one generation to another, from one enchanting Rauscher to the next.

Reading Rock Books will be selling copies of The Settling Place at the book launch party, which is being held in Erin United Methodist Church, where pivotal events on the novel take place. After that, we will have copies available in our store.

Book Launch Party & Signing for The Settling Place
Friday, October 3, 4-7pm
Erin United Methodist Church
40 W. Walnut St., Erin, TN

Dave Wright, Josh Spilker, and Eric Shonkwiler will be doing readings of their work at Reading Rock Books on Monday, September 15, at 6pm. 
Dave WrightDave Wright
Dave Wright is the author of Riverwalkers and an editor and publisher at Dig That Book Co.  You can find him at digthatbook.com.

Dig That Book Co.
ISBN: 978-0-692-21527-2

RiverwalkersBrief synopsis of Riverwalkers:
A cycle of rural and contemporary myth-based poems that relate the creation myth and the life and death of the first water beetle, The Riverwalker.



Josh SpilkerJosh Spilker

Josh Spilker is the author of About Mr. WarrenWhat Kmart Is Like NowAmbient Florida Position, and Woodbine, and is currently a copywriter. He is the founder of the lit review tumblr, I AM ALT LIT, and its ‘friend,’ I AM NOT ALT LIT. He publishes small books through Deckfight Press, is a semi-regular blogger for Vol.1 Brooklyn, and lives in Nashville, with his wife, his daughter, and one too many dogs. His book, Taco Jehovah, is forthcoming from Dig That Book Co. in spring 2015.  You can find him at joshspilker.com.


Eric Shonkwiler
Eric Shonkwiler has had writing appear in Los Angeles Review of BooksThe MillionsFiddleblack[PANK] MagazineMidwestern Gothic, and elsewhere. He received his MFA in Fiction from University of California-Riverside, where he was the recipient of the Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellowship Award, and is a regional editor for Los Angeles Review of Books, as well as a former reader for[PANK] and former Editor-in-Chief for CRATE: The Literary Journal of UCR. Born and raised in Ohio, Eric is an extensive nomad, having lived and worked in every contiguous U.S. time zone, and finding himself on the road as often as not. He is the author of the critically acclaimed debut novel, Above All Men, a 2014 Midwest Connections Pick released in March from MG Press. You can find him at ericshonkwiler.com.

Above All Men
MG Press
ISBN: 978-0-9882013-2-3

Brief synopsis of Above All Men:

Years from now, America is slowly collapsing. Crops are drying up and oil is running out. People flee cities for the countryside, worsening the drought and opening the land to crime. Amid this decay and strife, war veteran David Parrish fights to keep his family and farm together. However, the murder of a local child opens old wounds, forcing him to confront his own nature on a hunt through dust storms and crumbling towns for the killer. Shonkwiler’s critically acclaimed debut novel is a 2014 Midwest Connections Pick and has been called “poetic, stark, and impossible to ignore” by authors and critics such as Frank Bill, Paula Bomer, and Tom Lutz.