Aftertime by Sophie Littlefield

Aftertime Aftertime is the first in a new series by author Sophie Littlefield. Set in a dystopian future  filled with zombies and gun-wielding citizens, Littlefield’s newest book covers popular territory. Zombies have long been a part of pop culture, but never more than now, with the rising popularity of books like The Walking Dead, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and, of course, The Zombie Survival Guide. Still, there’s no question that Aftertime sets itself apart. This isn’t the typical, people-holed-up-in-a-mall zombie story, with characters whose only concerns are their next meal or the stumbling undead bumping into the windows downstairs. No, in Sophie Littlefield’s hands, the post-apocalyptic landscape is just another way to explore human character.

Cass Dollar has been through the unthinkable and wakes up, deserted, in a field. She fights her way back to what’s left of civilization, in the hope that her daughter is still in the safe place where Cass last saw her. The journey that Cass undergoes and the friendships she makes along the way are both colored by Cass’ past. While Cass occasionally remembers, with regret, the small conveniences and details of modern life, such as the sound of a toilet flushing or a particular flower now extinct, her life before was not a pleasant one–except for her memories of her daughter Ruthie. Cass, a recovering alcoholic, dealt with her share of monsters before zombies were ever a problem.

Sophie Littlefield has created an exciting new series that takes on and surpasses all the typical themes of post-apocalyptic literature. Aftertime is an in-depth character study of a mother and recovering addict struggling with her sense of belonging and self-worth…that just happens to take place in a zombie-infested roadtrip through California.

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Meet the Author!
Sophie Littlefield will be coming to Reading Rock Books on March 4th at 7pm. She and author J.T. Ellison will both be at Reading Rock, answering your questions and signing books. Please join us!

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