Bellewether by Susanna Kearsley

A bellwether is one that takes the lead or initiative; one that sets trends; an  indicator or predictor of something.  In Bellewether  by Susanna Kearsley, the eldest son chooses to name his ship Bellewether because he says it will lead the other ships across the waters.  When his mother corrects his spelling, he responds that Belle is the French word for Beauty.  I can’t help thinking that Susanny Kearsley chose this title to emphasize to the reader that the family in her story was a bit ahead of their time, and to encourage us to become bellwethers in our own time.

Story Time

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Carnegie’s Maid by Marie Benedict


Product Carnegie's Maid

Marie Benedict creates an unlikely yet believable love story that provides what she imagines could be the explanation for Andrew Carnegie’s transformation from ruthless industrialist to generous philanthropist.  The tale is told from the point of view of Clara Kelley, a poor farmer’s daughter who has immigrated from Ireland to America in hopes of finding work and being able to support the family she has left behind.  Her journal entries detail how she finds herself serving as a lady’s maid for the mother of Andrew Carnegie.  When she catches the attentions of Andrew, her strength and determination keep her focused on what matters most–her family.   This slow-paced story gives the reader an opportunity to imagine the life of a lady’s maid in the days leading up to the Gilded Age in Pittsburgh, PA.  It also encourages thoughts about the influence of strong women in times when ladies were not expected to have strength.

If you enjoy thinking about days gone by and wondering how things might have been, you will enjoy this charming tale.

A Side note:

Carnegie’s Maid may be the second book by author Marie Benedict (The Other Einstein was the first), but it is not the second time she has written and published historical fiction.  Under the name Heather Terrell, Marie also wrote historical novels The Chrysalis, The Map Thiefand Brigid of Kildare as well as YA novels Eternity Fallen Angel, and The Books of Eva.  Marie is a lawyer turned author in pursuit of a longtime dream to unearth hidden stories of women in history.