Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

Violet Eden had always hated her birthday. Her dad always took her to dinner each year, but who wants to celebrate your birthday when it is the anniversary of your mother’s death?

Then Violet’s 17th birthday changes everything. Not only does she receive a 17-year-old, cryptic letter from her mother and awake to find that she had what looked like tattoos on her arms, but also her athletic trainer (and love interest) Lincoln informs her that she is a Grigori. Lincoln reveals that he is also a Grigori, or half human and half angel, and that they are destined to be eternal partners in the battle against exiled angels to protect humanity.

Violet must decide if she wants to fully become a Grigori, but she is angry with Lincoln for keeping this a secret. While she is trying to come to terms with her decision, she meets Phoenix. Phoenix is an exiled angel who is intriguing and just as kind and attractive as Lincoln. Plus, he understands Violet’s predicament, and is there for her in a way Lincoln is not. Still, as an exiled angel, Phoenix is ultimately her enemy. What path will she choose to embrace?

Embrace is the first in the new young adult Embrace series that was previously published, to great success, in Australia. I truly enjoyed this book. The love and friendship Violet feels for Lincoln and the exciting relationship that develops between Violet and Phoenix, coupled with the battle for saving the free will of humanity make for one fantastic book. I cannot wait for the next one! Fans of Nancy Werlin and Lauren Kate will love this new series.

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An interview with Embrace author Jessica Shirvington

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