Lie to Me by J.T. Ellison

Store favorite J.T. Ellison, whose thrillers typically take place in Nashville, is back with another venture into domestic noir. Last year’s No One Knows, about a young woman coping with the apparent death of her husband after he disappears at the Opryland Hotel, was somewhat of a departure for Ellison, since her books are usually part of a series. It was a heck of a read and Lie to Me is, too.

Ethan and Sutton Montclair are writers living in a gorgeous home in downtown Franklin, TN, when Sutton suddenly disappears. She leaves a short note and practically everything else, leaving behind her phone, laptop, and identification. Ethan is left reeling. Should he call the police? Or will they just assume he’s to blame for Sutton’s disappearance? Did Sutton hurt herself? Or is she getting back at him for what appears to a plethora of marital disputes?

Ellison brings in a strong female detective, the kind of character she’s great at writing, and a web of uncomfortable facts, half-truths, and all-out lies. Just like all her previous books, once you get about a third of the way in, you’ll have to finish immediately. So, clear your schedule and enjoy the ride.

Available as a digital audiobook here.


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