Moonrise by Sarah Crossan

Inspired by the 1987 BBC documentary Fourteen Days in May, Children’s Poet Laureate of Ireland Sarah Crossan has written a beautifully poignant yet hopeful novel in verse.  Moonrise is a story of the days seventeen year old Joe spends visiting his brother on death row as they count down to his execution.   Sarah Crossan has used poetic verse to craft a story and characters   …

Those were the words written in my journal back in the last days of June.  If you could see the words in my journal, you would see that my neat handwriting became sloppier and scratchier with every line and suddenly ended mid-sentence–a sure sign that I fell asleep while writing.   So, here I am on the 23rd of December attempting and failing to finish writing a review for my favorite YA book of 2018.   I would love to be able to remember every line that made me fall in love with the characters in this book and recall every thought provoking passage that made me close the book to digest what I had read; unfortunately, my first six months of being a bookseller have kept me so busy that my mind is a blur.  Somewhere in that blur is a great book review for Sarah Crossan’s Moonrise, but I’m not finding it tonight, so I’ll end by saying that it is a great book.  You should read it!

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