Shell Game (Kingdom Keepers #5) by Ridley Pearson

Shell GameYoung fans of Walt Disney World will enjoy the Kingdom Keepers series for middle readers by Ridley Pearson, co-author of the Starcatchers series. The books follow a group of children on their fantastic adventures in the Disney World parks when the magic and the Disney villains come to life after hours.

The fifth book, Shell Game, was released last month. Here’s what our friend Zachary had to say about this new volume in the Kingdom Keepers series:

Finn and the crew have found a new adventure on the Disney Dream. New villains (some you never thought you would read about), new allies (one character even goes from bad to good), new mysteries, and greater suspense. I found this sequel to be the most exciting and thrilling book so far. Ridley Pearson has continued the saga and left me waiting for book six.
-Zachary, age 11

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