The Settling Place by Ann Rauscher Smith Hagler

In her debut novel The Settling Place, local author Ann Rauscher Smith Hagler tells the story of her great-grandfather E. W. Rauscher.

As the novel begins, it is a fall morning and E.W. and his wife Minnie are at odds. From there, the story progresses through E.W.’s day, as he becomes increasingly reflective about what has caused this rift between he and Minnie, and also between he and their daughter. E.W.’s thoughts lead us through his life, as he recalls his parents, his siblings, and the life he has built as a merchant in his small hometown. The threads of each of these people and places are woven together to create his life.

The characters of The Settling Place come to life before the reader through war and upheaval, new births and marriages, heartbreaks and separations. Hagler deftly leads the action from one generation to another, from one enchanting Rauscher to the next.

Reading Rock Books will be selling copies of The Settling Place at the book launch party, which is being held in Erin United Methodist Church, where pivotal events on the novel take place. After that, we will have copies available in our store.

Book Launch Party & Signing for The Settling Place
Friday, October 3, 4-7pm
Erin United Methodist Church
40 W. Walnut St., Erin, TN

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