Top 5 Reasons to Shop Reading Rock Online

At the end of last year, we started selling Kobo eBooks. This week our online store for books, music, movies, and audiobooks was completely revamped. 

5.  Selection

We love our bricks-and-mortar store, which houses both new and used books, but we can’t possibly carry every title. Our online store doesn’t have square-footage limitations. Whether you prefer print books, eBooks, or audiobooks, our online store has thousands of titles. Plus, you can also shop for music and movies!

4. Shipping Is Only 99 Cents

Get the books, movies, and music you crave delivered to your door for less than $1.

3. Audiobook Downloads

New to our site this week is a great new format for audiobooks. Using an app called Acoustik, you can buy digital audiobooks from us and listen to them on any mobile device. One great perk of this sort of audiobook is that audiobooks on CD are only produced for a certain period of time. Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer, for example, is out of print on CD, but is available through Acoustik.

2. Price

With the online store renovation came new, more competitive pricing. For example, Inferno, Dan Brown’s newest bestselling novel, is the same price in our online store as it is on and it’s cheaper in our online store than at or through the websites of Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. (Much like those big box retailers, this deep discounting is only available through our ONLINE store.)

1. Keep Your Money Local!

Buy Local, Eat Local, READ LOCAL. When you shop at our store (either online or on Main St.), rather than at a big box or online only retailer, you keep more money in Dickson. The money you spend locally protects local jobs. It also helps local schools and civic organizations, since it’s local businesses that help them reach their fundraising goals. For more information on the benefits of shopping locally, check out the 3/50 Project or Deep Economy by Bill McKibben (available in paperback and eBook).

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