Used Books

The back half of our store is dedicated to used books. We generally price our used paperbacks at half the cover price, but strongly consider the age and condition of a book and adjust the price accordingly. Used hardcovers, which don’t tend to sell as well, are usually well below half the cover price. Exceptions, such as bestsellers or special printings, may cause the price to be higher. Below you will find our trade policy for used books.


STORE CREDIT: We do NOT buy books. When you bring books to trade, Angela will total up what we will charge for your books and you will receive half of that total in store credit. Store credit may only be used to purchase USED books. Store credit may NOT be used to purchase new books or any non-book items in the store.

WHEN YOU CAN TRADE: Books may be brought in for trade Tuesday through Saturday. We will NOT take books (or let you leave them with us) on Mondays, unless you are donating them.

CONDITION: Books must be in clean, resalable condition. Books with excessively cracked spines, missing covers or dust jackets, water damage, teeth marks, or unattractive markings will not be accepted. If you bring books in a box, please check to make sure no spiders/insects have taken up residence in the box and that the books aren’t covered in dust or leaves.

AGE: With the exception of classics or some perennial sellers, all works of fiction should have bar codes. Non-fiction titles that are no longer accurate or cover topical material that is no longer topical will not be accepted.

WHAT WE WON’T TAKE: We will not take book club editions, Reader’s Digest condensed books, magazines, advanced reader’s editions. We reserve the right to reject any book on the basis of content or the store’s current needs.

QUANTITY: In the interest of not getting behind in cataloging our used books, we will not take more than one medium-sized box (roughly the size of a milk crate) of books per customer per week. Do NOT bring large plastic storage bins.